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Mahabeej Research Hybrids
Hy.Cotton : Ajinkya
Duration 145-155 days
Fiber Length More than 32 mm
Boll Weight 4.5—5.5 gm
Ginning Percentage More than 31%
Yield Rainfed 22-25 Qtl./Hect
Irrigated 37-50 Qtl./Hect.
Hy.Cotton : Vijeta
Duration 145-155 days
Fiber Length 32 mm
Boll Weight 5—5.5 gm
Ginning Percentage 36%
Yield Rainfed 25-30 Qtl./Hect.
Irrigated 37-50 Qtl./Hect.
Hy.Cotton : Mahabeej-203
Duration 165-175 days
Staple Length 25-26  mm
Tolerant to Leaf Curl Virus & Jassids
Good re-flushing ability
Yield Rainfed 20-25 Qtl./Hect.
Irrigated 25-30 Qtl./Hect.
Hy.Cotton : Mahima
Duration 160-180 days
Staple Length 26-27  mm
Tolerant to grey mildew
Good re-flushing ability
Yield 25 to 30 Qtl./Hect.
Jowar : Rajlaxmi
Duration 105-110 days
Days of flower 58 days
Plant Height 165 cm
Grain shape & Size Shiny, Big & Bold grain
Cob Long, Good bread quality, Good Fodder quality, High yielding
Jowar : Bhagyalaxmi-296
Duration 105-110 days
Average grain yield 43-51 Qtl./Hect.
Average fodder yield 9-11 T/Hect.
Tolerant to grain mold, moderately resistance to shoot fly and stem borer
Resistance to downy mildew
Jowar : Mahabeej-7
Duration 110-115 days
Grain yield 60-65 Qtl./Hect.
Fodder yield 150-175 Qtl./Hect.
Grain size & Color Bold & Pearly White
Easy threshability & good fodder quality
Tolerant to lodging
Jowar : Mahabeej-175
Duration 105-110 days
Grain yield 60-65 Qtl./Hect.
Fodder yield 160-180 Qtl./Hect.
Grain size & Color Bold & Pearly White
Tolerant to Aphids
Suitable for Kharif, Summer cultivation
Bajra : Samruddhi-1
Duration 70-75 days
Grain Bold & Shiny
Bread quality Good
High yielding
Bajra : Samruddhi-2
Duration 80-85 days
Grain Medium, Long & Compact Head
Moderately tolerant to Downy Mildew
High yielding
Duration Full duration variety
Grain Orange & Semi Dented
Tolerant to sucking pest
High yielding
Hy.Sunflower : Suryoday-3
Duration 95-100 days
Medium tall
Suitable for Kharif & Rabi season
Head fills upto center
Resistant to Downy Mildews
High yielding
HY.Sunflower : Mahabeej-933
Duration 80-85 days (early)
Suitable for irrigated & non-irrigated conditions
Black coloured, bold size seed
40-42% oil content
Yield 15-20 Qtl./Hect.s
Tolerant to drought and downy mildews
Due to drooping habit of head tolerant to bird attach

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