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Gram : ICCV-10
Duration 105-110 days
Suitable for rainfed & irrigated condition
Resistant to wilt
Yield Rainfed 12-14 Qtls./Hect.
Irrigated 22-25 Qtls./Hect.
Gram : Vijay
Maturity Rainfed 85-90   days
Irrigated  105-110 days
Dwarf spreading growth
Medium bold, yellow brown, wrinkelled seed
Resistant to fusarium wilt & better tolerance to moisture stress & high yielding
Yield Rainfed  14-15 Qtls/Hect.
Irrigated  22-24 Qtls./Hect.
Gram : Annegiri-1
Duration 100 days
Grain Round
Resistant to wilt
Yield potential 10-15 Qtls./Hect.
Gram : Vishal
Maturity 105-110 days
Attractive, bold, yellowish colored seed
Resistant to fusarium wilt
Yield Rainfed 14-15 Qtls/Hect.
Irrigated  30-35 Qtls./Hect.
Gram : Gulak-1
Duration 107-135 days
Medium maturity
Moderately resistance to fusarium wilt
Seeds gulabi bold type for parched kernel
Non-lodging & Non-shattering
Average yield 20 Qtls./Hect.
Gram : PKV Kabuli-2
Duration 91-113 days
Early maturity
Resistance to wilt
Attractive bold seed
Non-lodging & Non-shattering
Average Yield 18-20 Qtls./Hect.
Gram : ICCV-2 (Kabuli)
Maturity  Rainfed 85-90   days
Irrigated  90-110 days
Spreading growth
Suitable for Oct-Nov. sowing as well as late planting upto December
Resistant to fusarium wilt
Yield Rainfed 8-10 Qtls/Hect.
Irrigated  10-12 Qtls./Hect.
Gram : Virat
Duration 108-118 days
Extra bold seed size kabuli type
Resistance to fusarium wilt and relatively less damaged by pod borer
Average yield 19.32 Qtls./Hect.
Gram : ICCV-37
Duration 90-100 days
Tolerant to pod borer and wilt
Yield potential 16-20 Qtls./Hect.

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