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Quality Control

In the process of modernization of Agriculture the use of quality seeds of high yielding varieties has becomes important to stimulate agriculture production and raise productivity.

Seed quality basically implies to genetically, physical, physiological and health component which independently and in interaction with each other constitutes the seed quality.

In order to maintain the seed quality it is essential to strictly adhere to the fundamental principles of seed production and manage all regulations during time frame in a sequential manner.

Considering the vital importance of seed quality, MSSCL has evolved its well chalked out Quality Control & Quality Assurance Policy. It has set up a separate Quality Control Department in 1982 to undertake quality checks at various stages of seed production, processing, storage and marketing of seeds. MSSCL gives top most priority to all aspects of quality management i.e. trueness to variety or hybrid characteristics, vigour, physical purity, genetic purity and seed health.

MSSCL has established two well advanced modern equipped Quality Control Laboratories with excellent infrastructure facility located at Akola & Parbhani, and one more laboratory is planned to be set up at Jalna .Quality Control Laboratory strictly work according to the rules of the International Seed testing Association (ISTA) as well as by Following Indian Minimum Seed Certification Standards norms.

Apart from this, as per the policy of the Corporation raw seed for processing is accepted on the basis of Quality Control Laboratory (QCL) tests. In some cases, QCL test has been made pre-requisite for giving advance payments to the seed growers. Our trained Seed Technologists test annually approximately 50,000 samples in QCL for various test like Moisture , Physical Purity, Germination, Viability / Vigour test, Genetic purity & ELISA . Once the samples goes through stringent testing activities and qualifies in all aspects then only released for marketing or production. Quality Control Laboratory have been participated in Intra laboratory proficiency seed testing programme with Govt.Seed Testing Laboratory like Parbhani,Nagpur and Pune.

Moreover MSSCL have own /hired field facility for conducting Grow Out Test & Field Emergence test. MSSCL testing different crops like Cotton, Soybean, Sunflower, Improved and Hybrid Jowar, Hy. Maize, Hy. Bajra, Tomato, Brinjal & Cucurbits etc under Grow Out Test (GOT) to ensure genetic purity . Similarly 100 % Soybean seed lots and prior to revalidation all carry over stock seed is tested for Field Emergence test to assess seed vigour.

Technically trained Field staff working in the Quality Control Squad undertake Field Inspection of Seed Plot at critical stages and suggest corrective steps if necessary to ensure the seed quality..Also assures Seed Quality during processing, Treatment, Packing, Storage, Logistics and finally the dispatches to the market till it goes in the hand of the end user i.e. Farmer. We also ensures the performance in the farmers field by providing post sale service.

Finally Success of the our MSSCL is correlated with the consistency in the supply of quality seed.


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