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कापुस लावगड नियोजन – खरिप २०२१

Name of Crop/ Variety Developed by Institute Year of Release Seed Rate(Kg/hect) Duration (Days) Varietal Characters Average Yield (Qtls/hect)
NHH-44 (BG-II) VNMKV, PARBHANI 2017 2.5 150 To 165 Plant growth habit semi-spreading, plant height medium tall, seed fuzz,colour white, boll shape round, plant stem medium, hairy boll surface smooth.. 22 To 25
PKY HY-2 (BG-II) DR. PDKV, AKOLA 2017 2.5 160 to 170 Leaf colour light green,hairy leaf, semi spreading, boll colour green, boll surface smooth. 22 To 23


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